Thursday, April 23, 2009

Accommodation and the Start

Temporary Accommodation Number 3

The first was the KK Hotel. The first night was like sleeping in an oven so I moved into an air conditioned suite which was just fine for the second night.

The third night was on a mattress in the founders office floor. Again, not the most comfortable or coolest.  The amount of effort that was being taken to try to make me feel ok left me no choice but to feel ok.  Maybe it’s some sort of conspiracy.

The fourth night was, and you’re not going to believe this as it was a running joke in Delhi that I would have a lodging besides a camel stall.  Well, pretty close, the small room, about 8 x 10 feet with a high ceiling and lots of geckos, was adjacent to a storage center for camel carts. This complex, just 7 kilo meters outside of Barmer was the center for a camel and cart project.  They made up the room pretty nice, with a carpet and a nicely made double bed. They put in a fridge and a cooler machine, sort of a cheap air conditioner except it blows moist air out. I don’t understand the concept, as I always thought that when you increase the humidity you feel warmer, but this device makes you feel cooler as long as you keep it filled with water.  Somebody explain it to me please.


Along with the room is my driver who is looking out for me.  We don’t speak each others language but we seem to getting along fine.  He helped me put up my pictures of the family on the wall and move the fridge into the small unlit kitchen.  He will, I just found out, sleep on  the cement floor beside my bed tonight. He also helped me unpack and I have to say this, when I pulled out a roll of toilet paper, he looked puzzled at what it was.  He took the roll and examined it and seemed to have no clue.  I must come from a very advanced culture or something with such high tech gadgets such as toilet paper.


I walked out down the road to see the stars and at first I couldn’t find the big dipper. After studying the formations I finally found it and for some reason, and this is why I didn’t see it at first, it appeared about half the size I know it to be, and it wasn’t the little dipper either.  Must be this desert air.


"Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife. " - Groucho



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  1. I am surprised the "left hand wipe" was not part of your training.